INNPT & Customized WWTP

INNPT = “Innovative  Nano Particles Technology “

In AMG Enviro LLC we offer process consulting and solution provider to see if  you should  have specific requirements, we can also custom formulate a wastewater treatment solution for your unique situations. Our goal is 100% regulatory compliance and reduced operating costs.

Whatever your wastewater treatment problem, AMG Envıro LLC can create an economical solution customized to your facilities, operations, and equipment, to reduce costs and resources.

AMG Enviro INNPT  Designed to help industry meet the most stringent regulations, in domestic and industrial fields like :

  • Metal refineries 
  • Food processing
  • Mining
  • Automotive
  • Pulp & paper
  • Textile processing
  • Sugar processing 


INNPT-CPU is a Complete Purification Unit for wastewater using INNPT technology 

when integrated with existing biological plants it offers :

Capacity : At least upgraded up to 4 times existing plant capacity

Power consumption :  70 % reduction in power consumption

Operation and maintenance : 75% reduction in work force required for operation & maintenance

Effluent Quality : Guaranteed Grade A as irrigation water

INNPT-CPU provide :

  • Heavy metals & Acidic Dies removal
  • COD,BOD and TSS removal
  • Phosphorous , Nitrogen Recovery
  • Odor less process
  • Treated water and Sludge pasteurization
  • Generally the efficiency removal of all pollutants was reached between 90-99%

INNPT-CPU At a Glance

Knowledge : Unique know how in chemical treatment using nano particle technology

Integration : Easily integrate with most exiting treatment technology like primary , secondary , SBR

Process guarantees : Effluent quality grade A for irrigation reuse

ROI: Return on investment CAPEX and OPEX Reduction in initial investment and running cost (energy, man power,…etc. )

High Through Put : Batch process without downtime

Application Fields

o  Domestic wastewater

o  Industrial wastewater

INNPT CPU Benefits

Guarantee Effluent Quality: We guarantee our plant Effluent Quality to comply with regulation laws

Ease of  Operation: The  plant controlled with a PLC device to manage the   complete   process   plus   alarm system in cases of fault detected.

Compact:  The volume of treated wastewater can be at least  4 times more within the same WWTP

Stable:  Plant not affected by presence of neither heavy metals nor Ph value nor acidic dies or temperature .

Flexible: Treat a wide open range for TSS, COD, BOD , heavy metals, acidic dies , phenol and cyanide.

Sludge production: Produced Sludge is Stable, pasteurized and free from pathogenic bacteria, with high content value of NPK, which makes it ready for beneficial use.

Recovery of phosphorous and Nitrogen from treated wastewater into sludge for reuse.

Complete system supply:  We offer complete system with chemicals, operation and maintenance support



Is An Eco friendly Sewage Sludge Stabilization Nano Particles Alkaline Additives for a complete Sludge stabilization in an efficient way exceeds common methods and technology used now days

Advantages Using ECO-3S in sludge stabilization:-

  • Sludge Pasteurization and Total removal of Pathogenic bacteria.
  • Heavy Metals Precipitation Increase existing plants efficiency and capacity
  • Recover Nitrogen and Phosphorus in sludge
  • Increase Potassium % in treated sludge
  • Treated sludge to comply with EPA regulations and constraints for class A fertilizer
  • Quick and efficient technology for sludge stabilization which

* Save drying time to 3 hours

* Create class A fertilizer within 3 days

* Save soil from heavy metals

* Save soil from pathogenic bacteria

Where to apply Eco-3S

  • instead of Thickener
  • instead of mechanical Dewatering system
  • Instead of Polymer
  • Instead of Mech. Dewatering


sludge as fertilizer

Is a Nano Particles Alkaline Additives for a complete wastewater treatment in an efficient way exceeds tertiary treatment efficiency in domestic waste water within 30 minutes.

Using ECO-DNP in wastewater treatment improves: TSS , BOD & COD removal up to 99 % Acidic dies removal,Phosphors and Nitrogen Recovery, Odor Control

Water pasteurization which increase the removal of different pollutants and pathogenic bacteria efficiency

Increase existing plants efficiency and treated wastewater quality


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