[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] What is INNPT nano particles technology?

INNPT is a treatment system for wastewater using Calcium, Aluminum and iron nano particles oxides and compounds as coagulants for pollutants in wastewater to precipitate it and clean the wastewater in an efficient manner that concedes with international laws


What is the advantages of INNPT technology?

non environmental action
Raw wastewater disposal in irrigation canals
  • Knowledge : INNPT is a new technology using nano particles in wastewater treatment
  • Efficiency : INNPT guarantee a removal efficiency more than 85 % up to 95% for COD, BOD, TSS, Phosphors and Sulfer.
  • Heavy Metals  removal INNPT also guarantee 70% : 90% removal of heavy metals like zinc , lead , chromium ,cadmium ,iron and cupper … etc. which precipitate it in insoluble format in sludge which protect land and aquatic life
  • Integration: – INNPT technology can be engaged with any existing biological treatment system or chemical treatment system to increase plant treatment performance and / or increase plant capacity up to 400% designed capa
    with an efficiency around 90 % in a very short time
    INNPT tech. can treat a flexible range of pollutants in wastewater

    city without need for new land or huge constructions.

  • Quality : INNPT guarantee the quality of treated wastewater to be tertiary equivalent according to the regulation roles in the country to be used
  • High treatment rate with 400% more in the same traditional plant area and structure
  • CAPEX & OPEX: INNPT CAPEX and OPEX is the lowest compared with any other technology in WWT giving the same wastewater treatment efficiency
    1. Area : INNPT plant requires 1/10 sq. meters of land of plant flow rate per day
    2. Cost : INNPT plant CAPEX costs 40 % less than traditional WWTP costs
    3. Electricity : INNPT plant consume 0.3 kw/h for one cubic meter of treated water in tertiary process
  • Flexibility: – INNPT is flexible in pollutants range which it can remove from treated wastewater. So it has the capabilities to be adjusted to reflect new coming pollutants values higher or lower than plant design limits up to 200 % difference.
  • Mobility: INNPT mobile plant can be used in small village instead of evacuation trucks to serve other remote unserved rural areas. each truck can serve around 2000 capital
  • Recovery :- INNPT recover phosphors and Nitrogen from treated wastewater in precipitated sludge so it can be used in land reclamation
  • Scale up : INNPT plant can be designed to serve a total flow rate from 50 cubic meters per day up to one million cubic meter per day
  • Pumping station alternative: INNPT plants can be used to treat  wastewater in place instead of building pumping stations at designed pumping station locations, so it will save pipe lines as well as a lot of cost in main WWTP as all remote villages will be served in place according to its actual discharge
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