Wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 400 cubic meters per day

the area required for the plant is 40 sq. meters

the process time is around 30 minutes

power consumption is 0.3 kw/m3



Fayoum , Egypt WWTP with a capacity of 400 m3/d

the plant area is 4*10 meters

the designed capacity is 1000 m3/d

actual capacity till now is 400 m3/d

raw water parameters are

COD 1563 ppm               after treatment   COD  10  ppm

BOD 385 ppm                after treatment   BOD    5  ppm

TSS 923 ppm                 after treatment    TSS     8  ppm

S        14 ppm                  after treatment    S          1  ppm

P       19.2  ppm              after treatment    P          2.2 ppm

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