Solving Breakdown of SBR WWTP Using INNPT Nano Technology

Normally in a lot of cases , operators in wastewater treatment plants face many problems due to overflow comes to plant , higher pollutant loads like COD , BOD,TSS,P,N,O&G as well as in some cases pH in acidic range which kills the microorganisms . killing microorganisms stops the biological treatment process or at least decrease the efficiency of the treatment basins

in our case studied the operators facing the following operation problems in Biological plants include :

SBR Plant basin with Sludge Buckling and an efficient operation before our application

1- Over Capacity as over flow 20 K cubic meters per day instead of 5 K cubic meters per day

2- COD chemical Oxygen demand , BOD and TSS are higher than design parameters of the plant so Organisms are not enough for the required process

3- sludge buckling

4- F/M ratio is higher than its designed value

those problems breakdown the operation process of the biological system

if organisms need to regenerated , it takes a long time

our solution integrated our INNPT nano technology with the existing plant in one basin, basing volume is 2400 cubic meters


SBR basin after treatment with INNPT nano tehnology/

Process take half an hour for dosing , mixing and settling , discharging and filling take 4 hours according the design parameters of the plant pumps .

In this case we increased the capacity of the plant to 20 K cubic meters per day using one basin of the two basins in the plant .

This integration technology allows the plant operators to grows up their microorganisms in the second basin while keeping the plant running and treating all flows come to it with full capacity .

Discharged water after treatment comply with the minister laws for discharging the treated wastewater to drainage canals for reuse in restricted agriculture

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