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Major General Osama Farag, Secretary-General of  Menoufia Governorate, met with Eng. Mohamed Fawzi Hobeishy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian General Authority for Drainage Projects in Tanta, and Engineer Ibrahim Salman, Head of the Central Administration for the Central Delta District, in the presence of a delegation from the Arab Organization for Industrialization and the head of the Central Administration for Irrigation in Menoufia. The process of rehabilitating existing sewage plants using nanotechnology.

The meeting reviewed the means of support, coordination, and measures taken by the Drainage Projects Authority, the pollution situation of banks in Menoufia Governorate, and its effects on drinking water and agricultural soils, as well as environmental, social and health problems of citizens.

The meeting also discussed the mechanisms of rehabilitating sewage stations by integrating nanotechnology with the stations, where Engineer Mohamed Fawzi Habeish, head of the exchange authority, explained that there are alternatives developed to solve the drainage crisis, which depends on integrating nanotechnology in rehabilitating sewage stations and providing mobile treatment stations to treat open waterways The INNPT Mobile Car.

Hobeish stressed that the use of this technology is more effective than rehabilitating stations by traditional methods, which take more than two years, while stations can be rehabilitated with the new technology within six months, and with better water quality as it depends on triple treatment and that removes pathogens, whereas conventional methods are secondary and primary treatment. Just.

Osama Faraj directed the necessity of preparing a feasibility study and making a comparative study that clarifies the basic differences between the traditional stations and stations dependent on nanotechnology, the method of technical use of them, methods of maintenance and suitability for the governorate, the responsible party, the most needy villages, and the role of community participation in the success of this project.

He also decided to hold a meeting next Saturday, including representatives of the Water, Sanitation, Environment, Irrigation and Health Company to discuss this project in depth and the mechanisms to activate the governorate and the role of each party in contributing to solving the drainage problem.

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