Reuse of Treated Wastewater in Textile Industry

Using AMG ICEBT systems and ANOC units to intergrate with existing Physical-chemical-biological treatment plant to upgrade treatment efficiency to comply with local regulations for reuse of treated industrial wastewater in industrial process.

Client problems are :

  • Color removal in Textile wastewater
  • COD removal in Textile wastewater
  • pH adjustment in Textile wastewater

Upgrading Textile production factory wastewater processing plant to treat produced wastewater to be reused in production process again

Our proposed designed solution provide the client with :

1- 60 % reduction in CAPEX

2- 40 % reduction in OPEX

3- 95 % reduction in area required

4- 70 % reduction in electricity consumption

5- Class A treated water grantee

Our client required the treated water to be reuse in textile processing.

Our client raw wastewater analysis and treated water with INNPT nano Technology are

Textile factory wastewater treatment results

Textile factory treated wastewater test results

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