INNPT Mobile Wastewater Treatment Plant


Mobile INNPT truck is a compact treatment plant uses INNPT technology to treat wastewater from septic tanks and disposes it in drainage canals as clean water for reuse in irrigation according to environmental law

Mobile INNPT truck results shows that it concides with FAO rules for reuse of treated wastewater in irrigation systems

EEAA in Egypt starts using Mobile INNPT trucks in upper Egypt to cover unserved rural areas with sanitation service.


Mobile INNPT truck

  • Mobile INNPT truck capacity is 4 m3
  • Treats 96 m3/d
  • 3 Mobile INNPT truck covers a village with 5000 capita
  • Each Mobile INNPT truck Produces 3 ton of sludge per month
  • Cost of INNPT additives per day for one mobile INNPT truck is 25 USD
  • Cost /capita/month is 0.5 USD

Mobil INNPT truck Advantages  

  • Tertiary treatment
  • Electricity consumption is 0.3 kw/m3
  • UV disinfection unit
  • Multimedia filter ( sand , gravel and Activated carbon)
  • No smell


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