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What Is INNPT Technology ? 

INNPT Material How it Works
What Is INNPT Technology ?

INNPT is an innovative additive developed from four different selected compounds acting simultaneously and consequently when added to wastewater. The first compound target soluble active compound and converted to inert compound, consequently the second compound coating these inert compound with a charged layer. The third compound form a net of opposite charge to trap the recent coated inert compound. These mechanisms forming large and heavy flocks, that agglomerate with time during mixing and settling phase leading to fast settling and high removal efficiency of suspend particles. The fourth compound is highly oxidized compound oxidize the soluble organic matters and present microorganisms/pathogens, it act directly from the leading to high removal of soluble organic pollutant and deification.   




  • Is a nano composite material with 20 K m2/gram
  • Wastewater pollutants removal material for COD, BOD, TSS, P,  N Heavy Metals
  • Material removal in nano scale
  • Oxidizing material 
  • Adsorbent material with highly charges


  • Sludge Pasteurization and Total removal of Pathogenic bacteria.
  • Heavy Metals Precipitation
  • Increase existing plants efficiency and capacity.
  • Recover Nitrogen and Phosphorus in sludge.
  • Increase Potassium % in treated sludge.

Treat sludge to comply with EPA regulations and constraints for class


  • It is a Compact Process Unit for wastewater treatment running with INNPT nano technology 
  • INNPT CPU provide tertiary treatment level for domestic wastewater . 
  • INNPT CPU provide heavy metals , color , Nitrogen , Phosphorus , COD,BOD , TSS , Turbidity and Oil removal with efficiency range from 85 % up to 99.8 % 


INNPT Nano Technology Unique Features

INNPT Nano Technology Unique Features


  • Unique know how in wastewater treatment  using nano material and nano composites  
  • using INNPT nano material and nano composites increase the removal efficiency of many pollutants in wastewater 
  • INNPT Nano material and nano composite can be mixed with too many coagulants and flocculants in one process to achieve the desired results from wastewater treatment process 


  • Ready to integrate with most all of wastewater treatment plant technologies 
  • when integration INNPT technology with existing biological plants , the biological process neither the process is affected nor the microorganism died 
  • Integration with INNPT technology improves sludge quality , prevent septic sludge in plant while compacting produced sludge to be as 50 % of biological sludge in volume 


Process  guarantees

  • Effluent Quality  to match tertiary treatment limits
  • in pure INNPT Technology plant or in Integrating INNPT technology with existing WWTP may be used to improve the whole process efficiency or increase the plant capacity be decreasing the process detention time or to remove heavy metals from industrial process and also to upgrade plant to tertiary treatment level by removing phosphorus and nitrogen from wasstewater 
ROI  Return on investment
  • 40 % less in Capex 
  • 90 % less in land area required 
  • 50 % less in sludge produced  

Flexible Process switch 

  • batch / CONTINUES  process without downtime
  • Adaptable according to pollutants concentration 
  • PLC and manual control system
Multiple Application Sectors
  • Domestic
  • Industrial ( Textile , OIL , Food , Pharmaceutical, Carpet and Tanners ) 
Treated wastewater with INNPT Mobil truck


Environmental Considerations
  • safely recovers and removal of phosphorus and nitrogen in bio solids
  • Odor less operation 
  • 50 % less in sludge volume 
  • our INNPT technology treatment method Efficiency comply with Eu standard , USA standard for domestic and industrial wastewater effluent .
  • we guarantee pollutants removal efficiency between  85-95 %
Low cost
  • 40 % minimum less than traditional plant cost
  • Opex 25 % less than traditional technologies 
  • 40 % less in electricity consumption 
As short as possible
  • construction time within 6 : 12 months 
  • detention time max 1 hour 
  • tertiary treatment quality
Reuse concept
  • INNPT technology produces treated water ready for reuse in agriculture and industrial sectors 
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