CIP Compact INNPT plant

CIP is a compact unit for wastewater treatment using INNPT technology.

CIP consists of

  • INNPT nanoparticles additives dosing system
  • INNPT Mixers
  • INNPT settling tanks
  • Sludge drying UNIT
  • INNPT pneumatic system
  • PLC control system and panel
  • Pumping system consists of
    • Pumping station with two submersible pumps suitable for CIP flow rate.
    • Discharge pumps with a minum head of 40 m
  • Filtration and disinfection system consists of
    • Multimedia filters with multimedia consists of sand and gravel.
    • Activated carbon filters with activated carbon media.
    • Micron filters or ulterfiltration system
    • UV disinfection system

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