As Short As Possible

INNPT technology provide rapid construction time as max as one year including designing, construction and operating compared to Traditional plants need three to five years, 

Environmental Considerations

Effluent comply with environmental laws in EU . It also safely recovers phosphorus and nitrogen from wastewater into bio solids

Low Cost

Traditional plants cost 8$/C 

but our plants only cost 4$/C


INNPT technology achieves high level of removal for COD,BOD,TSS,Sulfate , Phosphorous and Nitrogen while achieving this high level of treatment it also works in different of pollutants loads up to 3 times of designed pollutants concentrations in dramatically weather temperature from zero to 60 C 

Reuse Concept

Treated effluent is suitable for reuse in both industrial sector as well as agriculture which provide a lot of saving for water resources and environment 

Our experts

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