The need for Integrated Chemical Enhanced Biological Treatment Systems

in MENA region and Africa as well as Gulf region and development countries almost most of Municipal wastewater treatment agencies have come under steadily increasing pressure to optimize their treatment process and  to get the absolute most capacity out of existing and new facilities to minimize the cost to operation process while maintaining the over flow comes to the plants during the year seasons specially in winter time

This issue has always been the focus in industrial wastewater treatment facilities. These optimization pressures have resulted in renewed interest in primary clarification at many facilities

What is AMG ICEBT ?

AMG ICEBT SYSTEMS  ( Integrated Chemical Enhanced Biological treatment ) is an integrated wastewater treatment system combines between enhanced chemical treatment technology using nano composites material with biological treatment systems like SBR , activated Sludge , extended aeration systems to meet high flow rates and removine efficiencies required for tertiary treatment for wastewater in domestic and industrial sectors

Treatment Technology for Combined Sewer Overflows


  1. extensive application in normal sewer over flow ,   combined sewer overflows (CSOs) and storm water treatment systems
  2. municipalities To reduce the number and frequency of CSOs events and avoid remote wet weather treatment facilities,
  3. municipalities to transmit all flows to the wastewater treatment plant by increasing the capacity of the sewer collection/transmission system. and upgrading the existing plants to a capacity as minimum as 8 times its design capacity
  4. reducing the discharge of untreated wastewater from the system.
AMG ICEBT SYSTEMS increase treatment performance !
  1. AMG ICEBT Systems solves the overload capacity of plant as it guarantees  efficient removal of wastewater pollutants like TSS , COD, BOD , S,P and nitrogen
  2. prevent the effect of overflow in wastewater treatment plant on  the performance of biological treatment process in downstream of primary treatment
  3. maintain sufficient process capacity  for primary clarifiers  by keeping the biological process be able to  fully oxidize the COD load discharged from the primary clarifiers.
AMG ICEBT  SYSTEM design process
  1.  controlling removal  percentage of pollutants in wastewater including total suspended solids , Biological oxygen demand  BOD , COD chemical oxygen demand , P phosphorus , S sulfates and TKN total Kjeldahl Nitrogen
  2. provides the adequate concentrations of P,N and BOD suitable for biological treatment process
  3. achieve the best treatment efficiency to comply with tertiary treatment level for wastewater in  USA , Europe and most of world countries
How AMG ICEBT  SYSTEMS improves wastewater  treatment efficiency !

AMG ICEBT  SYSTEMS improves TSS and BOD5 removal by :-

  • increasing particle size
  • increasing settling velocity by associating or aggregating the colloidal particles with particles of “settleable” size. Coagulation and flocculation are typically associated with the use of AMG ICEBT Systems
AMG ICEBT  SYSTEMS Mixing Design Considerations
  1.  consideration for energy input associated with rapid mix and flocculation facilities
  2. process result in larger particle sizes
  3. enhance the performance of sedimentation process  with the use of our nano composites
  4. increasing The efficiency of primary sedimentation, from 60 to 80 % for organic carbon and to 90 to 95% for suspended solids
  5. increasing the fraction of particles of settleable size. With AMG Nano composites treatment, particles as small as to 0.1 mm can be removed from wastewater by sedimentation
AMG ICEBT  SYSTEMS  produce  less sludge volume as
  1. the sludge produced is more compact while
  2. recycling the produced sludge as AMG Dens sludge process -which refers to a High Rate Clarification HRC process that combines ICEBT  composites as coagulation additives , sludge re circulation, and fast settling process or high rate filtration system
  3. solids inherent to the influent wastewater are recycled to increase particle density and settling velocities -which allow us to decrease the amount of additives used in wastewater treatment while achieving higher removal efficiency for wastewater pollutants
Phosphorus and Nitrogen Recovery

AMG ICEBT  SYSTEMS are also applied to recover

  1. phosphorus for nutrient control and Nitrogen in settled sludge
  2. removes  heavy metals to meet toxicity requirements
  3. removes hydrogen sulfide to lower odor emissions.
AMG ICEBT  SYSTEMS treatment approach  is being considered as a retrofit in an existing facility

treated Industrial wastewater using INNPT technology
domestic wastewater treatment
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