INNPT nano particles technology for Wastewater treatment


Is an Integrated solution for wastewater treatment which can be a corner stone in achieving Turkey goals in wastewater treatment 2023 strategy  as there is More than €18 billion for wastewater treatment by 2023

INNPT can meet the strategy goals in the following points 

  1. WWTP with Capacities from 50 m3/d up to 1000000 m3/d
  2. Mobile WWTP for unserved rural areas with 200 m3/d up to 1000 m3/d. the best alternative for evacuation trucks
  3. Upgrading existing WWTP to tertiary treatment level
  4. Increasing existing plant capacities up to 400 % of its designed capacity
  5. Rehabilitation of existing plant with minimum cost and time
  6. Sludge stabilization and energy generation
  7. Replacement of pumping stations with in site plants to save pipelines and local water

Construction live time : INNPT technology uses a new innovative inorganic geopolymer material in construction instead of OPC which had a very high resistance for acidic , aggressive and sulfer contaminated wastewater.

In general, the Turkish government is aiming at 2023 for many of its recently announced environmental targets to coincide with the centenary of the Republic of Turkey. For example, the current wastewater treatment plan envisages building more than 1,400 new sewage treatment plants and 30,000 kilometers of pipeline by the centenary. According to GTAI, this will require investments of around 63 billion Turkish lira (approximately €18.4 billion).

Turkey wastewater is treated in wastewater treatment plants.

Treatment plants use primary, secondary treatment in most of plants, some uses tertiary treatment technologies

Turkey recently assigned tertiary treatment for new WWTP to be able to save aquatic life in its revers, seas and lakes

Due to pollution in wastewater, treatment is an essential to save life for both human and aquatic life

Mix waste water from domestic and industrial wastewater make a huge problem as heavy metals is presented in untreated wastewater as well as the biological WWTP is not designed to remove heavy metals from domestic wastewater

Heavy metals causes a lot of health problem for humans which costs a lot of money to manage it .this problems in public health impact the total national income

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Charcoal Environmental friendly production technology

In   charcoal plants (the biggest charcoal plants in the Middle East) the plant uses our gasification technology to produce required thermal energy for pyrolysis process which uses around 3600 ton of biomass waste to generate almost 9,000,000.00 m3 of syngas per year for pyrolysis process. The plant is Eco-friendly with emissions comply with emission limits according to environmental regulation laws

AMG Enviro LLC through its Pyrolysis process can supply charcoal furnaces with different capacities starting from 12 cubic meters up to 60 cubic meters

our charcoal furnaces are managed by PLC system to control all operation and maintenance parameters to ensure the max yield of char coal per each ton of wood lump

we ensure a production yield up to 34 % by weight of dry wood lump used

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AMG Enviro LLC business fields

The main objective of AMG Envir LLC  is the execution of projects concerned with development and environmental protection in the sector of municipal, industrial and agricultural waste and wastewater  management,  energy recovery,  utilization and renewable energies.

Our  business  fields have extended from the production of charcoal by Pyrolysis  and waste water treatment by nano technology  to Gasification generators  as well as power generation field. And geopolymer protection paints  namely :

  1. Gasification production plants ( WtE )
  2. Electric power generators  – from waste  ( WtE )
  3. Sludge drying and stabilization
  4. Energy from medical waste ( WtE )
  5. INNPT (Waste water treatment by nano technology )
  6. Mobile waste water treatment units …….
  7. Waste separation and sorting lines.
  8. Mobile torrefaction plants.(Continuous carbonation furnace )
  9. furnaces  manufacturing for Carbonation and Charcoal  production 
  10. Charcoal production & trading .

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Your Main Message

It is our mission in our business activities to continually contribute to the society by “achieving better safety and peace of mind to bring about an environmentally friendly society”, and we shall continue to strive to achieve that end by our green technology for renewable and sustained energy.

 Our business are based on the following technologies  

  • Waste management.
  • Waste to energy (WTE).
  • Nano chemical technology
  • Geopolymer .


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