Bio char as a future product for soil fertility

biomass wastes used to produce bio char using AMG smart pyrolysis kilns

Bio char is a solid material obtained from the conversion of biomass in an oxygen-limited environments. In more technical terms, bio char is produced by thermal decomposition of organic material (biomass such as wood, manure or leaves) under limited supply of oxygen , and at relatively low temperatures (<700°C). This process mirrors the production of charcoal, which is perhaps the most ancient industrial technology developed by humankind. Bio char can be distinguished from charcoal—used mainly as a fuel—in that a primary application is use as a soil amendment with the intention to improve soil functions and to reduce emissions from biomass that would otherwise naturally degrade to greenhouse gases

Bio char is pyrolyzed biomass

Bio char IS Called black gold of agriculture

Methods of bio char preparation

using AMG PYRO TECHNOLOGY to convert biomass and agriculture wastes to bio char in eco friendly technology which guarantee a Conversion efficiency of Average recovery about 25%  : 34 %

Benefits of Bio Char 

Enhances plant growth which absorbs more CO2 from atmosphere

  • Used as a soil amendment
  • Incorporating bio char into soil reduces nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions and increases methane (CH4) uptake from soil
  • Soil enhancement that lasts a lifetime
  • Enhanced plant growth
  • Increases soil water holding capacity
  • Increases cation exchange capacity
  • Supports soil microbial life and biodiversity
  • Helps plants resist diseases and pathogens
  • Stimulated symbiotic nitrogen fixation in legumes
  • Reduces soil acidity raises soil pH increased soil aggregation due to increased fungal hyphen
  • Reduced leaching of nutrients


we used cotton stacks , corn stacks , rice straw ,

sugarcane bagasse 

bio char produced from some biomass wastes to get valuable environmental friendly products as added value to wastes 


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