AMG Environmental Technologies and Solutions

Is a USA based green environmental solutions Inventors co. Our values are innovation, professionalism, and responsibility. We develop our own technology and tailor made it to an effective business model financially and environmentally. We believe that we cannot change the history of energy but the future is yet in our power


It is our mission in our business activities to continually contribute to the society by “achieving better safety and peace of mind to bring about an environmentally friendly society”, and we shall continue to strive to achieve that end by our green technology for wastewater treatment for reuse in agriculture and industrial sectors as well as in renewable and sustained energy.

We have our own R&D department and We design, develop, manufacture most of our technology.  We do project contracting, installation , project delivery, staff training, maintenance and technical advice .

SPA & I” embodies the basis upon which we create new values. By “Integrating” our knowledge, experience and know-how derived from our business activities together with our three technical ore competencies, “science”, and “Proven ability” and “Application”, we shall strive to continually provide solutions that are of value to our customers on a global scale.

Whether by treating domestic wastewater  and industrial wastewater to produce clean water applicable to be used in  agricultural activities and reuse in industrial sectors by converting solid and organic waste, whatever its source, to alternative sources of energy  as syngas or charcoal instead of burying or burning it and polluting the groundwater resulting from its burial or pollution of the atmosphere by burning smoke

Creating customized integrated waste treatment solutions to create the balance between getting the maximumeconomic benefit from waste while preserving the environment.

Everything has a value but not everyone can see, in AMG Environmental Technologies and Solutions WE convert it from waste to green.

Save the environment and public health by providing the latest technologies and ways to get rid of waste by maximizing the benefit of it.

2010 We started our business in Egypt by establishing NADIC CO. working in the field of waste management and recycling specially in the field of wastewater treatment by our own and esteemed innovative new technology , INNPT Nano technology

2016 We added our new owned  technology derived from our  R & D department in the field of   Waste to energy and  AMG enviro has been  established in USA .

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