We Performed Kouchner Drain Channel Project for 760 Million Pounds

Engineer Ibrahim Salman, head of the exchange sector for the Central Delta region, which is affiliated to the General Authority for Drainage Covered at the Ministry of Irrigation, said that using nanostructures to rehabilitate sewage stations and reduce the problems of Kitchener Bank pollution achieves many 11 essential advantages over traditional methods in the forefront of time, as it takes time Rehabilitation of stations by traditional methods for two years, while stations can be rehabilitated with new technology within one year only.

“Salman” added, in press statements, on Tuesday, that in terms of water quality, conventional methods are secondary and primary treatment, while nanon technology is triple, explaining that the cost of treating a cubic meter in traditional methods is 2.5 pounds, while the cost of cubic meters per nano is one pound. The capacity of the station, after qualification by traditional methods, reaches 100% of the designed capacity, while in modern methods, the nano reaches 400%.

He explained that the research study prepared by the authority set other alternatives to qualify the bank dependent on integrating the INNPT nanotechnology with the stations at an estimated cost of 760 million pounds, and the provision of 90 mobile treatment plants for sewage to the villages not served by networks at an estimated cost of 90 million pounds, and the provision of 20 mobile treatment stations Industrial exchange to serve the industrial complexes, at an estimated cost of 36 million pounds.

The study recommended the provision of 12 mobile stations to treat open waterways at an estimated cost of 360 million pounds, pointing out that the area of agricultural land irrigated with drain water is 457 thousand acres, with a length of 69 km in the governorates of Gharbeya and Kafr El Sheikh, and pollutants will be eliminated within 20 months in cooperation between The ministries of housing, environment, military production, health and local development, using all the means that are currently being studied, whether traditional or non-traditional.

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